Meet Liv.

The Girl Behind the Posts

As I continue to through my daily routines, I find my mind wandering to the adventures I would some day like to embark on. I have always lived to adventure, but mostly, I dream of finding the perfect place to nap.

I live in the Great Northwest. Oregon has been my home since forever. I found it hard to leave the town I am in – because honestly, what’s better than unlimited sunshine, ski bums, and dog parks?

I am surrounded by beauty everywhere I go. The best part about seeing this beauty is knowing exactly who created it all. I love Jesus and all that He has done to guide my life. I am thankful to have hope in Him, and know that He will continue to guide each and every step I take.

To travel the world is actually my biggest dream. Exploring the most unique, beautiful places that this world holds will happen eventually, but for now I will continue my love for photography, writing, and drinking coffee.


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