Into the Mountains

I am constantly in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. The substantial mountains that surround my small (but quickly growing) town in Oregon provide astounding views that show the splendor of this state.

Mount Bachelor / Bend, OR. 27 Feb. 2016.

Peaking through the clouds, Summit was barely distinguishable. Only moments later, the clouds lifted and Bachelor prepared for another bluebird day.

From the Nordic trails, Loosh and I thought about what it would be like to be a typical ski bum anticipating a glorious day upon the mountain. As cross country skiers, our “skinny skis” can only handle so much, thus going down any mountain can seem like a risky move to us.

We get a different feeling when descending – the thrill of going down often gets clouded by the dreadful reminder that, eventually, we will have to make our way back up. Having the luxury of a ski lift to take us to the top is a privilege we have never been able to experience out on the lower trials.

Mount Bachelor / Bend, OR. 27 Feb. 2016.

This is Loosh.

Loosh is the adventurous friend I gained my sophomore year. Since then, she has become one of my closest friends. She is the friend I can always spend a day in the mountains with.

Whether I decide to climb a mountain, hit the tennis courts, ski the nordic trails, or go on a run, I can always count on her to be by my side while doing any of the above. Of course, the best part of our friendship is our common love for all things sweet. After any adventure, ice cream is our favorite recovery meal.

I am thankful for her creative heart, adventurous mindset, and love for sweet treats.

Easy Back / Bend, OR 27 Feb. 2016.

As we were making our final ski back to the lodge, we stopped for a moment to enjoy our favorite view.

I’ve stopped here so many times to admire the location where I can so perfectly see my favorite mountain: Broken Top. Only this time, the peak was barely visible through the clouds that were beginning to fill the sky. Still, the beauty and complete silence of the area was present; this view is something I never passover.


Though the mountain is only a solid forty minutes away, we always try to make the most of any trip to it.

In the mountains, I feel at home. The tranquil atmosphere allows me to take a moment to recognize that, yes indeed, I live in one of the most graceful states around. We have also concluded that, during the winter, there’s a pretty good chance the Cascade Lakes Highway doubles as Narnia.


Living here inevitably means that we have take advantage of any photo opportunity we can get.

Over the past year, I have noticed that social media has begun to take over these lands. The once soft, reserved backcountry has continued to become more populated. I don’t know why, but it often bothers me to see the abundance of posts regarding these areas. But why? Shouldn’t I appreciate the fact that people are admiring the beauty that surrounds us all?

I think more now than ever, people focus all their energy on finding the perfect location, to take the perfect picture, to post it on their perfect Instagram, to show their followers how perfect their life may seem – they don’t focus on how absolutely astounding the area really is.

Have we all forgotten the true reason for adventure? Getting lost in the woods, taking the long way home, making memories that will last a lifetime, and having an adventure that no single photo could ever replace.

Yes, I am one of the many people who inhabits these areas, but no matter what the circumstance, I will always put the longing for adventure first.

Dutchman’s Loop / Bend, OR. 27 Feb. 2016.

As winter prolongs, I hope to embark on several more ski trips; complete with laughter, friendship, and perfect days in a winter wonderland.

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  1. So great! I love the imagery, just a wonderful piece overall. Well done


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